Manor Heath Park

What a wonderful morning we had at Manor Heath Park! We saw butterflies, caterpillars and cocoons, quails and terrapins and loads of beautiful and exotic plants!  We had great fun in the park and some of us even climbed to the very top of the rope frame! Everyone was really brave and practised all the skills we have been learning this year in Reception Class!

Planting seeds

Reception class have been busy planting seeds today! We decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and spent the afternoon up in the wildlife garden with our trowels and our compost.

We planted cucumbers, carrots, cauliflowers, peas and beans and labelled our own plant pots:

We watered our seeds and put them in the greenhouse to keep warm. We also checked in on the tadpoles in the pond and noticed that they had grown much bigger but none had legs yet!

After that we headed back to our playground and had a well earned snack in the sunshine!

What a fabulous day!

Chicken Visit!

We have started the summer term by finding out all about chickens! As part of our investigations in poultry we decided to visit the chickens at Mrs Harper’s house and went on an expedition:

We brought them some tasty dandelion leaves in exchange for some eggs, which we found in the hen house!

We found 11 eggs altogether and we are going to use them to make a lovely cake on Friday!

Thank you chickens!

St Patrick’ Day

We have been celebrating St Patricks Day in Reception! We have learned about Ireland, some of the traditions and made our own cards:

We even watched some Irish dancing and had a go at doing some ourselves!

An Alien Adventure!

We having been exploring Outer Space this half term, and what an adventure we’ve been having! We have been dressing up as astronauts and aliens:

We have written fabulous descriptions of aliens in our writing books:

And we have been making lunar landscapes in the small world area:

Watch this space for more galactic goings on over the next couple of weeks…

Chinese New Year Assembly

Here are some pictures of our fabulous Chinese New Year Assembly! Well done everybody, what a brilliant end to this half term!

Making the most of the snow!

We had some fabulous snowy weather earlier this week and decided to get outside and make the most of it! We explored the wildlife garden and marvelled at the frozen pond! We found lots of ice and talked about freezing and melting and we caught snowflakes and examined them closely to make sure that they really were all unique!

We built 3 snowmen and found all sorts of objects to help them look lifelike! Then we watched as the sun came out, warmed them up and slowly melted them….


Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Intrepid Reception Class ventured to the wilds of Doncaster to visit the polar bears last week! We braved the ice and snow to watch our arctic friends cavorting in a pond, rolling in some mud and playing with their comrades:

We warmed up in the ‘Amazing Animals’ workshop and found out much more about polar bears and the other animals in the park:

We also met some slimy creatures:

Some slithery creatures:

And found out all about the one horned antelope who had an unfortunate accident:

We saw giraffes, tigers, warthogs and baboons; painted dogs, lions, leopards and ostriches! Everyone was stoical in the face of arctic conditions and a fabulous day was had by all. Thank you Yorkshire Wildlife Park!!



A chilly start to 2018!

Welcome back to Reception Class – a very Happy New Year to Everyone!

We have been thinking all about the Arctic and Antarctic here in Reception and have found out all about the animals who live in these very chilly places.

We have been moving like arctic foxes, penguins and polar bears in PE:


We have made snowflake pictures, snow man paintings and winter scenes using chalk and pastels.

WE HAVE SORTID ANIMALS INTO HOT AND C0LD CUNCHRYS (BY DAPHNE) And we have made our own penguins out of clay.

this weeck we;re  going to mace snow globs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter Solstice

In a brief departure from Xmas madness, Reception class have been thinking about a much older festival, the Winter Solstice. We have considered the movement of the Earth around the Sun, and the fact that our planet is tilted meaning that we have seasons. We have discussed the shortest day of the year, the 21st of December (in the Northern hemisphere at least), and talked about how dark it is in winter.

We brought in a Yule log and some holly and thought about some of the traditions that pre-dated Christianity. All of us made a beautiful Winter Solstice card to take home, welcoming the Sun as the days start to get longer again.

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