Welcome to Reception Class!

What a fabulous start to the year we have had! The children have settled really well and are picking up our routines very quickly. We have been making lots of new friends and exploring the classroom, both indoors and out. We have been playing in the water,


baking cakes,

doing fabulous role-play,

digging for worms (and being very gentle with them)

amongst many other things! We have been singing, reading stories, counting and playing lots of games.

Well done to all the Reception children for being so brave this week! We’re looking forward to seeing you all after a well-deserved rest this weekend!

Our Trip to Lytham

Undeterred by the weather, Reception launched themselves into our seaside trip to Lytham with gusto! We got extra train rides and a super big ice cream to make up for the soggy trampolines…

We had a lovely picnic and built sandcastles before going for a paddle!

Everyone had a fantastic time and we were all exhausted by the end of the day!


This week we have been learning all about Eid in Reception class! Esa and Isaac have told us all about the Eid celebrations that have been going on in their families and we have been thinking about the different ways that people celebrate this festival. We have made beautiful Eid pictures and designed our own Mendhi hands. We have also prepared and eaten a fabulous Eid feast, with chappatis, rainbow rice, coconut cake and mango lassi! Eid Mubarak everyone!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Our final half term in Reception is going to follow a distinctly maritime theme, with a focus upon beaches, under the sea, boats and pirating! We kicked off the Summer with an investigation into floating and sinking, comparing different materials and working out which ones float and which ones sink. Armed with this information we went about designing our own boats and labelled our designs. The following  week we used our kindly donated floaty objects and made our boats. Then we tested them out, to see if they floated or sank!

Oats and beans and barley grow…

Well, mainly beans, and lettuces and tomatoes – planting has certainly been the order of the week! We have been making the most of our fantastic wildlife garden and planting our bean plants, weeding the paths and watering all the other plants that are growing in the raised beds and grow bags.

We have even been bravely tackling some monster brambles!

The chicks are still providing a wealth of educational opportunities – they have grown so much in only a week and have even started to get some feathers.

We have been working on the story of Chicken Licken and are moving on to the Little Red Hen – watch out for tasty bread-making at the end of the week….

Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken!

Welcome back everyone!

The chicks have been incubating all Easter and have started to hatch! Here are some photos:

Watch out for all the chick-related activities that we’ll be doing here in Reception over the next little while!!

A visit from PC Ransom!

As part of our Superheroes topic we have begun thinking about real-life superheroes who live and work in our community. This week we invited a Policeman into class and interviewed him about his super job! Everybody wrote a question, complete with a question mark and PC Ransom answered them all fabulously. He also brought in lots of police equipment for us to look at and try on, and he even let us sit in his police car and turn on the siren!! The pictures speak for themselves….




Trip to Ogden Water

Reception class had a fabulous (if a bit chilly) trip to Ogden Water yesterday, looking for signs of Spring! First we made a tree, with each child forming a different part:

Then we set off into the woods and found different, natural objects to make beautiful colour palettes:

We went on a hunt for different signs of Spring, including moss, lichen, sticky buds and seedlings:

Finally we used our excellent listening skills to listen to the sounds of the woodland, drawing pictures of everything we heard – birds, the wind, the leaves rustling, a pheasant (or possibly a T-Rex – the jury is still out!). A wonderful morning!

Pow! Thwack! Wham! Biff!

Oh my goodness! On our return to school this week we were met by a terrible calamity! Our much anticipated superhero topic had been scuppered by the villainous Joker. He had kidnapped all of our small world superheroes and hidden them in his lair. The children were outraged, scandalised and appalled. They immediately set about designing ingenuous schemes and traps with which to capture The Joker and get back our superheroes.

The next day that wretched Joker teased us all with further letters and a poor, sorry-looking Spider-Man, dangling from the classroom door. The children decided that enough was enough and wrote letters to the Joker to lure him back to the classroom. At the same time they used all the junk modelling equipment they could lay their hands on to create the traps they had designed.

This morning we found final note from our evil foe, the Joker. Our trick had worked! The Joker had been expecting an amazing Superhero tea party but had run into a nasty surprise. Aalayah’s terrifying scary face had frightened him so much that he had dropped all the Superhero toys and ran away, leaving our toys in the traps. Hurrah!

A Trip to Manchester Museum

What an exciting adventure we had on Wednesday! Our visit to Manchester Museum was action packed and full of adventure. We began by donning our dinosaur explorer pith helmets and setting off on a journey to the prehistoric gallery. We came face to snout with Stan, the fabulous and renowned T-Rex skeleton and drew portraits of him in wax crayon and pencil:

IMG_3696[1]We followed a trail of clues around the gallery, spotting giant lizards, a bison skeleton, ammonites and a plesiosaur. We used special stamps to complete our hunt and found out all sorts of interesting facts along the way!

Next came the dinosaur explorer workshop. We carefully excavated under layers of grass, sand and rock, uncovering all sorts of fabulous fossils:

IMG_3709[1] IMG_3712[1]We found a Tricerotops’ horn, a fossilized egg, a T-Rex foot and a T-Rex jaw, complete with some pretty menacing teeth!

IMG_3724[1]We discovered all sorts of facts about the fossils we uncovered – did you know, for example, that a T-Rex grew a new tooth every time he lost one, which is why they were all different sizes! We also had the opportunity to show off our comprehensive dinosaur knowledge and astound the adults in the room with our expertise.

After lunch we had an hour to explore the museum, taking a whistle-stop tour through millennia and even making time for a visit to the vivarium to meet some real life snakes, frogs and lizards. After a narrow escape from this tiger:

IMG_3727[1]we all decided that it was time to head home. Everyone was totally exhausted and many slept all the way! We will certainly be visiting again!

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