A prehistoric welcome back!

Its great to be back after the Christmas break, and what a dinotastic fortnight we have had! On our return we learned of a mysterious creature that had been lurking around the polytunnel over the holidays. We donned our adventurers’ boots, hats and coats and set off to explore the garden. To our great┬ásurprise we found a gigantic and very unusual coloured egg in the corner of the tunnel! After much speculation as to who could have laid the egg we brought it back to class..


The children made a warm and comfortable nest to keep our egg safe, and everyone wrote a sign to put around the egg to make sure that visitors to our classroom did not damage it. Every day we have checked the egg to see if anything might hatch. Watch this space for updates….

Meanwhile, Mrs Harper felt that to give our classroom a more Jurassic feel, we should make some scenery to add to our small world area. We researched prehistoric landscapes on the internet and compared them with our own. Then the children decided to make a tree, helped valiantly our new teaching student, Mr Ormorod.


In other exciting developments, Science club has started! This week we were given a problem: The dinosaurs are stuck in the ice, how can we get them out? We split up into small groups and brainstormed different methods for solving the problem. We voted on our favourite strategy and then found all the equipment we would need. We carried out our experiment, recorded our results and then came to a conclusion! We found that hot water, a hairdryer, a hammer, the microwave and the oven were all effective ways of rescuing the poor dinosaurs!

IMG_3167[1]Come and have a look at our class science book if you would like to find out more!

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