Dinosaurs, Birds and Dragons

Over the last fortnight, we in Reception class have been continuing with our prehistoric adventures, this time looking at Dino fiction. We have read and discussed dinosaur stories, comparing information texts with works of fiction. We have discussed goody and baddy characters and designed our own good and bad dinosaurs. We are currently writing our own dinosaur stories, each with a beginning, a problem, a solution and an ending. Our stories are absolutely fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) – we have some fabulous imaginations in Reception class!

We have also taken a rather gigantic leap through the evolutionary continuum to think about the plight of our feathered friends during Winter. We have decided to take part in the Great British Birdwatch this year and in order to attract as many birds into the school wildlife area as possible, we have begun work on our Bird Café.


We have thought hard about the kind of things that birds need to eat in order to be healthy and the problems that many birds have finding food sources in Winter. We have been overcome our squeamishness and squished seeds and sticky lard into pinecones and yogurt pots. We have speared apples and we are planning to make bird kebabs (with fruit on, not birds). We have spent two afternoons in the wildlife garden spotting birds – sparrows, jackdaws, blackbirds and woodpigeons so far – and hanging our birdfeeders on trees.


The end of this week will see us exploring Chinese New Year. On the agenda are dragon dances, giant roosters (2017 is the year of the rooster), sampling Chinese food and making Happy New Year cards….

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