A Trip to Manchester Museum

What an exciting adventure we had on Wednesday! Our visit to Manchester Museum was action packed and full of adventure. We began by donning our dinosaur explorer pith helmets and setting off on a journey to the prehistoric gallery. We came face to snout with Stan, the fabulous and renowned T-Rex skeleton and drew portraits of him in wax crayon and pencil:

IMG_3696[1]We followed a trail of clues around the gallery, spotting giant lizards, a bison skeleton, ammonites and a plesiosaur. We used special stamps to complete our hunt and found out all sorts of interesting facts along the way!

Next came the dinosaur explorer workshop. We carefully excavated under layers of grass, sand and rock, uncovering all sorts of fabulous fossils:

IMG_3709[1] IMG_3712[1]We found a Tricerotops’ horn, a fossilized egg, a T-Rex foot and a T-Rex jaw, complete with some pretty menacing teeth!

IMG_3724[1]We discovered all sorts of facts about the fossils we uncovered – did you know, for example, that a T-Rex grew a new tooth every time he lost one, which is why they were all different sizes! We also had the opportunity to show off our comprehensive dinosaur knowledge and astound the adults in the room with our expertise.

After lunch we had an hour to explore the museum, taking a whistle-stop tour through millennia and even making time for a visit to the vivarium to meet some real life snakes, frogs and lizards. After a narrow escape from this tiger:

IMG_3727[1]we all decided that it was time to head home. Everyone was totally exhausted and many slept all the way! We will certainly be visiting again!

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