Pow! Thwack! Wham! Biff!

Oh my goodness! On our return to school this week we were met by a terrible calamity! Our much anticipated superhero topic had been scuppered by the villainous Joker. He had kidnapped all of our small world superheroes and hidden them in his lair. The children were outraged, scandalised and appalled. They immediately set about designing ingenuous schemes and traps with which to capture The Joker and get back our superheroes.

The next day that wretched Joker teased us all with further letters and a poor, sorry-looking Spider-Man, dangling from the classroom door. The children decided that enough was enough and wrote letters to the Joker to lure him back to the classroom. At the same time they used all the junk modelling equipment they could lay their hands on to create the traps they had designed.

This morning we found final note from our evil foe, the Joker. Our trick had worked! The Joker had been expecting an amazing Superhero tea party but had run into a nasty surprise. Aalayah’s terrifying scary face had frightened him so much that he had dropped all the Superhero toys and ran away, leaving our toys in the traps. Hurrah!

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