A Visit from the Dog’s Trust

Today we met the beautiful Winnie, a friendly education dog from The Dog’s Trust! LJ, her human, told us all about the work of the trust and talked about how we should care for our dogs.



We learned about healthy food for dogs to eat and things that are poisonous to dogs; we looked at some gruesome roundworms, some ticks and some fleas and discovered ways to protect our canine friends from these pests; we looked at a microchip and even practiced picking up a pretend dog poo in a poo bag!



We also talked about what to do if we encounter an unknown dog when we are in the park or out and about and how to stay safe. At the end of the session we got the chance to give Winnie a stroke (after introducing ourselves with a hand sniff of course) and everyone has had a leaflet to take home to share with their families.



The Great British Birdwatch

This week we have spent an awful lot of time bird-spotting!

IMG_3431[1]Undeterred by the horrible weather we ventured into the wildlife garden to check up on our bird feeders. We discovered that all of our fat balls had been munched, and there was further evidence of bird activity when we inspected our apple feeders:

IMG_3436[1]We were excellent twitchers, moving very quietly so as not to scare any birds away. We saw all kinds of birds, including magpies, jackdaws, sparrows, collared doves, woodpigeons, a blackbird and a chaffinch (possibly). We kept a record of all the birds that we saw to send to the RSPB and will be using our data to make a class graph next week!


Dinosaurs, Birds and Dragons

Over the last fortnight, we in Reception class have been continuing with our prehistoric adventures, this time looking at Dino fiction. We have read and discussed dinosaur stories, comparing information texts with works of fiction. We have discussed goody and baddy characters and designed our own good and bad dinosaurs. We are currently writing our own dinosaur stories, each with a beginning, a problem, a solution and an ending. Our stories are absolutely fantastic (if we do say so ourselves) – we have some fabulous imaginations in Reception class!

We have also taken a rather gigantic leap through the evolutionary continuum to think about the plight of our feathered friends during Winter. We have decided to take part in the Great British Birdwatch this year and in order to attract as many birds into the school wildlife area as possible, we have begun work on our Bird Café.


We have thought hard about the kind of things that birds need to eat in order to be healthy and the problems that many birds have finding food sources in Winter. We have been overcome our squeamishness and squished seeds and sticky lard into pinecones and yogurt pots. We have speared apples and we are planning to make bird kebabs (with fruit on, not birds). We have spent two afternoons in the wildlife garden spotting birds – sparrows, jackdaws, blackbirds and woodpigeons so far – and hanging our birdfeeders on trees.


The end of this week will see us exploring Chinese New Year. On the agenda are dragon dances, giant roosters (2017 is the year of the rooster), sampling Chinese food and making Happy New Year cards….

A prehistoric welcome back!

Its great to be back after the Christmas break, and what a dinotastic fortnight we have had! On our return we learned of a mysterious creature that had been lurking around the polytunnel over the holidays. We donned our adventurers’ boots, hats and coats and set off to explore the garden. To our great surprise we found a gigantic and very unusual coloured egg in the corner of the tunnel! After much speculation as to who could have laid the egg we brought it back to class..


The children made a warm and comfortable nest to keep our egg safe, and everyone wrote a sign to put around the egg to make sure that visitors to our classroom did not damage it. Every day we have checked the egg to see if anything might hatch. Watch this space for updates….

Meanwhile, Mrs Harper felt that to give our classroom a more Jurassic feel, we should make some scenery to add to our small world area. We researched prehistoric landscapes on the internet and compared them with our own. Then the children decided to make a tree, helped valiantly our new teaching student, Mr Ormorod.


In other exciting developments, Science club has started! This week we were given a problem: The dinosaurs are stuck in the ice, how can we get them out? We split up into small groups and brainstormed different methods for solving the problem. We voted on our favourite strategy and then found all the equipment we would need. We carried out our experiment, recorded our results and then came to a conclusion! We found that hot water, a hairdryer, a hammer, the microwave and the oven were all effective ways of rescuing the poor dinosaurs!

IMG_3167[1]Come and have a look at our class science book if you would like to find out more!

Christmas madness!

Tis the season to get glittery! This last fortnight has seen a flurry of festive activity, with our Nativity forming the piece de resistance! All the YR/Y1 children worked so hard and put on a fabulous show – we are all super-proud of them.

Nativity 2016We have been busy with Wintery/Christmassy crafts in class too – here are some of the things we have been up to:

Making reindeer/unicorn attracting powder:

IMG_3121[1]Building Santa’s sleigh:

IMG_3125[1]And of course meeting the man himself!

IMG_3149[1]IMG_3148[1]All the Early Years Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year! Thank you so much for supporting your children and ourselves this term, they have all made a great start and we are very much looking forward to 2017!!

Chill Factore Visit!

What a fabulous day we’ve had at the Chill Factore! Everyone had a go at sledging, snow tubing and played in the snow play area, even Mrs Harper, Ms Fisher-Ives, Miss Gibson, Mr Frankland, Mr Marr and Mrs Kimber. All of the children were very stoical in the face of soggy socks and chilly fingers and all coped masterfully with the change of outfit! Here are some photos of our day:



Traditional Tales

This week we have been looking at Traditional Tales, including Little Red Riding Hood, The Billy Goats Gruff and the Gingerbread Man. We have had lots of fun acting out the stories and exploring the characters.

We have tried to imagine life as The Big Bad Wolf and the Troll and have written character profiles for both. We have built houses fro the three little pigs, experimenting with different materials including twigs, straw and (lego) bricks:


We have explored the characteristics of that cheeky gingerbread man and used this as a basis for a discussion of our own skills (he was an excellent runner, but not so good at swimming!) We have even created wanted posters and stuck them around school, in the home that someone may return the gingerbread man to us!

IMG_3086[1]We will be making our own gingerbread men tomorrow and then eating them for an afternoon snack!

We have also had the pleasure of a furry visitor, Frank, who was kindly loaned to us by Mrs Brocklehurst. Frank  has kindly helped us to consider how best to care for small animals, and has provided a fantastic opportunity to practice our ‘f’!


Winter is coming…

The last fortnight has been pack full of exciting, seasonal activities, including firework art, bonfire-making, historical Guy Fawkes related re-enactments and diva lanterns! No sooner had we finished bonfire night and Diwali celebrations than we were surprised and delighted to have snow showers and frost. Normal proceedings were abandoned as we seized the opportunity to go on a winter walk:


We put away our pinecones and swapped our conkers for snowflakes. The small world area has now taken on a decidedly chilly feel as we explore the Artic and Antarctic. We have discussed the concepts of melting and freezing and conducted experiments into both; we have used our senses to write winter poems and gain inspiration for beautiful winter pictures and we have built snowmen and snow women and ssnowchildren.

IMG_3046[1]IMG_3057[1]In RE this week and last we have been thinking about the story of Rama and Sita and its importance to the festival of Diwali. We continued this theme in PE and had a fabulous afternoon of Bhangra dancing with Ms Goulden:

IMG_3067[1]Everyone joined in, experimenting with different ways of moving and enjoying new and exciting music!


Pets at Home

Before the hols Y1/Reception took a trip to Pets at Home! We had been thinking about the differences between wild and pet animals and this trip allowed us to further develop our knowledge. We met all sorts of interesting creatures including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, degus and chinchillas:

P2We thought about caring for our pets and watched some canine customers being groomed in the salon:

P1Finally, we feedlots of different kinds of fish, both freshwater and saltwater varieties – they even had some tiny sharks! Everyone had a thoroughly good time and we all got a goody bag to take home:

P3Thank you Pets at Home and thank you children for being such good ambassadors for Luddendenfoot Academy!

Autumn fun!

Wow! What a lot we have got up to over the past fortnight! We have been for a walk in the woods and collected all sorts of autumnal paraphernalia to make pictures, displays and take inspiration from. We have spray painted our collected leaves gold and silver and used them to make beautiful mobiles:


We have thought about the changes that happen in Autumn, and found out about animals that hibernate. We made fabulous hedgehogs using play dough and spaghetti and then made them a home to hibernate in, using the leaves, twigs, sticks, acorns, conkers and pieces of bark that we have found:


We even made a sign saying ‘Hedgehog home’!

This week we have turned our attention to Halloween, slightly earlier than usual but we didn’t want to miss out on the fun over the half term hols. We have made spider handbags, counted cockroaches and made our own spooky rhyming pairs. We have carved 6 fabulous pumpkins, using different shapes (triangles, squares and rectangles) for eyes, noses and teeth. We described the texture of the inside of the pumpkins and really got our hands sticky, slimy, squidgy and stinky!!




Finally we followed instructions to make tasty pumpkin soup and will be roasting the seeds to nibble on for snack!

Everyone is cracking on with their rainbow challenges and earning dojo points left, right and centre. Well done everyone for settling in so well and playing so fabulously this half term. We hope you have a lovely, restful break and look forward to seeing everyone again on the 31st!


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